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Verstappen gets Hamilton passing angst

by vlad on Суббота, Ноябрь 21st, 2015

Max Verstappen says he understands Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton‘s struggles to overtake in the Brazilian Grand Prix despite making several passing moves of his own.

Hamilton complained that he could not get close enough to Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg around the Interlagos circuit to get past, despite believing he had the pace to win.

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Meanwhile, Toro Rosso rookie Verstappen made several overtaking manoeuvres on his way to finishing in ninth place, including passing Sergio Perez and Felipe Nasr around the outside of the Senna S.

The Dutchman said he could understand Hamilton’s difficulties, however, because he and Rosberg are driving equal machinery.

«With the Mercedes, maybe they have more problems when they are closer to each other,» Verstappen said.

«Also their speed is higher, maybe it’s a bit more difficult for them. It’s difficult for me to comment, because I haven’t driven that car.

«They are both on a very good pace and I have to say when one of the Toro Rossos is behind the other, it’s very difficult to get past. Definitely if you have the same type of car, it’s very hard.

«For us, we have very good cornering speed, so if we are behind a Lotus or a Sauber or a Force India, we always catch up in the fast corners, even when we are behind.

«That’s different for sure. For them [Rosberg and Hamilton], it’s equal everywhere — the corners, the straights.

«Then if you are behind, you lose a lot in fast corners, so I can understand that Lewis said that.»

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Hamilton wanted Mercedes to allow him to choose an alternative strategy to be able to beat Rosberg, and Verstappen appreciated the difficulty of having a similar strategy to a team-mate ahead.

«The car is exactly the same as your team-mate’s,» he said. «Once you are behind, it’s very tough.

«Then you really have to beat them on proper pace, but they are both very good so that is very hard, or you have to do it with the pitstops.

«Once he’s one-and-a-half seconds in front or two, the guy in second pits, he does it the next lap and he’s still in front.

«It’s just playing the game.»

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