Middleweight greats

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The middleweight division is usually considered to produce some of the most well balanced, and most skilled boxers pound for pound that the sport has to offer. It is a division that has given us some great fighters, and that some of the all time greats have tried to spend hours on the heavy bag in order to conquer it. If your stepping up into it, or starting of in it the fighters it has produced can rarely be matched. Here we have looked at a few that we consider to be some of the greatest middleweight fighters of all time. boxing89802_1280

At the very top of our list has got to be a man who is probably the best pound for pound fighter of all time, and just so happens to be a middleweight. Of course we mean Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson fought in an era of boxing brutality, simple training techniques, and 15 round of punishment. Yet Robinson carried a grace and skill that the modern fighter would struggle to replicate. His rivalry with Jake Lamotta is legendary in boxing circles and has contributed some of the greatest fights the sport we love has ever seen. His amateur record was an incredible 85-0, and he went 96 fights without defeat to start his career. He was also a five time Middleweight champion, more than any other boxer in history for a single division.

Next we pick the big Argentine Carlos Monzon. He was adored by his country during his fight career, and was the undisputed middleweight champion for a massive seven years, defending that title fourteen times. He held the titles up until his retirement in 1977. He only suffered defeat during the early stages of his career, and was never knocked out. He has a massive eight seven wins and only three losses. Sadly was sent to jail for eleven years charged with the murder of his wife in 1988. Monzon had a fiery temper, and was as much flawed as he was blessed. He sadly died in a car crash in 1995.

Next up we have a genuine middleweight boxer. Hearns, Leonard and Roberto Duran all contributed and defined a golden age in boxing. Competing in lightweight, welterweight and eventually middleweight divisions and beyond. The fourth man from this group though was the only genuine middleweight, Marvellous Marvin Hagler. A great champion who will be remembered as much for his classic fights, as he will his supreme skill. Hagler possesses a viscous left hook, and one of the best chins in the business. His three round slug fest with Thomas Hearns is widely considered the greatest fight of all time. He bowed out after a controversial defeat to Ray Leonard in one of the most disputed fights of all time. Leonard won a split decision in a fight that literally divides most people 50/50. Some claim Haglers aggression, body punches and punch out put had him winning. Leonard though was claimed to have boxed perfectly on the back foot, countering Hagler and making him chase him round the ring. Hagler was so disgusted he retired after the loss. Still this man brought boxing to the masses, and entertaining boxing at that. A fighter who was undisputed middleweight champion, and made numerous world title defences, all the while beating some of the sports most iconic names, can never be counted out.

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