Brock Lesnar, the sellout?

by admin on Четверг, Август 21st, 2014

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar recently won the WWE ‘s version of the same championship (for the 4th time) at it’s annual Summerslam event. This isn’t Lesnar’s first time in this position, in fact he’s dabbled in professional wrestling several times before he stepped in the octagon. In fact Lesnar has also tried his hand in the NFL in years past as a defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. Lesnar seems to make a living jumping from one profession or affiliation to another and still finds a way to retain loyal fans because well… he can. MMA fans are hardcore and love the realness of the sport, and it’s hard to accept the fact that professional wrestling is just the bigger draw no matter how staged and cheap their brand of fighting is.

Lesnar has parlayed a career in both MMA and WWE, but can he be considered a real MMA fighter?

MMA Shop Lesnar’s MMA career
2008 – Rookie of the Year
2008 – Sports Illustrated
2009 – Tied Randy Couture & Tim Silva for most consecutive UFC championships
2009– Breakthrough Fighter of the Year
2008-10 – MMA Fighter of the Year
2008-10 – Best Box Office Draw
2010 – Cover athlete for UFC Undisputed

Make no mistake, the UFC would take Lesnar back in a heartbeat
It’s a tough pill to swallow, but Lesnar is simply bigger than the sport. Lesnar could fight in a sub-level association like KOTC (King of the Cage) and still do numbers—the guy simply moves the needle. Look no further than UFC’s President Dana White and his constant pursuit to lure Lesnar back to the circuit. Let’s also remember his UFC pedigree. After a failed stint in the NFL, Lesnar had to revamp his non-existent career and started wrestling in Japan. After that short stint he made his way to the UFC and the rest was history. His bouts were in five of the top rated UFC programs ever (main evented 3 of them), and this led to him becoming the highest paid UFC fighter in history in two short years. So whether you love him or hate him MMA enthusiasts, Lesnar could be back and headline the UFC if he so chose to. He’s as legit MMA fighter as could be.

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