Ferrari F138 revealed

by admin on Пятница, Февраль 1st, 2013

Ferrari revealed their new F138 car.

They admit that they have to change their recent trend and perform from the start of the season.

Stefano Domenicali, team boss, said: «The key objective we have is of immediately delivering a competitive car.»

Alonso said the big teams will dominate and Ferrari «have to be one of them».

Alonso said he did not expect a repeat of last season, when seven drivers from seven different teams won the first seven races.

«It will be very difficult to repeat what we saw last year with seven winners in the first seven races,» he said. «I think it was a one-off as a result of the regulation changes banning exhaust-blown diffusers. Now, with things a bit more stabilised, we saw at the end of the season the top teams emerge and so I think it will be highly unlikely we will have seven races and seven winners. There will be three teams who win all the races and we have to be one of those teams.»


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