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Schumacher says «goodbye» to Formula 1

by admin on Четверг, Октябрь 4th, 2012

As we already mentioned previously Schumacher was to be replaced by the seven-time world champion at Mercedes from next year and linked with a move to Sauber for 2013 but has decided to end an F1 career that began in 1991.

The F1 driver said: «Although I am still able to compete with the best drivers, at some point it is good to say goodbye,»

«During the past month, I was not sure if I still had the motivation and energy which is necessary to go on. It is not my style to do something that I’m not 100% for.

«With today’s decision, I feel released from those doubts. In the end, my ambition to fight for victories and the pleasure of driving is nourished by competitiveness.»

Schumacher won 91 races in 19 seasons, helping to revive Ferrari’s fortunes after he joined them in 1996. After retiring in 2006 from the sport, he returned in 2010.

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