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Cristiano Ronaldo to marry in order to hide the fact that he is gay?

by admin on Пятница, Март 4th, 2011

Soccer super star Ronaldo’s public life just keeps getting better. Someone posted a comment posing as his Russian girlfriend Irina Shayk announcing through her Facebook account that the two were engaged to be married ‘before Christmas.’
There have always been rumors about Cristiano’s sexuality. The guy has become a symbol for ultra-metro sexuality that has left David Beckham looking like a barbarian.

To add more fuel to the speculations, Ronaldo recently announced that he had become a father, but ala Ricky Martin (through a surrogate mother), according to reports. If that wasn’t enough, the soccer stud was recently spotted hanging out with Lance Bass at a club in NYC. Cristiano also spoke out recently in favor of same-sex marriage.

I’ve always thought he’s straight and still think he’s just hanging out with friends. But you know what they say, ‘cuando el rio suena, es que lleva piedras.’ Either way I really don’t care, to me, he is one of the best players out there and could care less if is he gay/straight/bi/trans/queer as long as he keeps playing ball and making soccer more exciting every time he’s on the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo Gay

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