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Champions League — Euro Club Index: Barcelona Is The Best

by admin on Понедельник, Декабрь 27th, 2010


This season we are using the Hypercube Infostrada Euro Club Index, which scientifically analyses hundreds of thousands of matches from the top divisions in all European nations as well as Europa League and Champions League games.

The Index takes into account all matches played over an eight-year period but with recent results carrying more weight than older ones. The most recent result has 20 times more impact than a result of three years ago.


The Euro Club Index ranking system has been slightly revised. The performance of a league’s teams in Champions League and Europa League reflects the rise or fall of the sporting level in that league. So, for example, if English teams perform well in Europe, all Premier League teams receive a small bonus in their ECI score. The ranking and its predictive power are thus made even more accurate.

Little change up top this week, with the postponement of a second Premier League game in two weeks leaving Manchester United 54 points behind second-placed Real Madrid as Barcelona continue to pull away from the pack after their latest summary execution of a decent Liga team.

United’s win against Arsenal last Monday does, however, narrow the gap by seven points, so once they chew up their two games in hand expect some movement in the top three.

Inter move up a ranking by default as, despite their Club World Cup win being cancelled out by domestic inactivity and poor form, Arsenal have lost and not played so slip 19 points behind them to seventh.

The biggest movers in the top 20 are Milan, whose surprise home defeat to Roma knocks a cool 39 points off their tally, relegating them four places outside the top 10.

Manchester City still linger in the top 20, but expect them to drop out after last night’s loss at home to Everton — that came too late for this set of rankings. Dortmund’s defeat at the weekend, meanwhile, sees them replaced by Lille.


Top 20

1  Barcelona — 4125 points

2  Real Madrid — 3889

3  Manchester United — 3835

4  Chelsea — 3633

5  Porto — 3422

6  Internazionale — 3371

7  Arsenal — 3370

8  Bayern Munich — 3356

9  Marseille — 3174

10 Lyon — 3173

11  Roma — 3171

12  Shakhtar Donetsk — 3163

13  Valencia — 3146

14  Milan — 3136

15  Tottenham Hotspur — 3113

16  Liverpool — 3078

17  Zenit St Petersburg — 3064

18  Manchester City — 3056

19  CSKA Moscow — 3024

20 Lille — 3011

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