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Samuel Eto’o Headbutts Cesar, Zidane Style! (Video)

by admin on Вторник, Ноябрь 23rd, 2010

Inter Milan have already lost almost as many games this season in Serie A as they did in the whole of the last campaign under Jose Mourinho, and fans are not yet convinced by his replacement Rafa Benitez. They are now nine points behind city rivals Ac Milan after a third defeat in the league.

Still, it would help if the Inter players acted with a degree of professionalism. Samuel Eto’o reacted to a foul by Bostjan Cesar by headbutting him in the chest with the referee’s back turned – with clear influence from France legend Zinedine Zidane’s effort on Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup Final.

The former Liverpool boss said, “You can see Eto’o received a punch and had a reaction to being provoked, in a difficult situation. “There are four referees on the pitch and if they didn’t think to do anything, it means there was nothing to do.” Though Eto’o scored a quite brilliant goal in the game, it was not enough for Inter to gain any points – and their title hopes are already hanging by a thread.

Here is that rather tame headbutt!

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